Last chance to pick my Disney Afternoon silkscreen up! I won’t be at Wondercon this year but these are already signed plus they come with a certificate of authenticity and a refreshing mint.


Feeling nostalgic for old (after)school Disney?

aliceinmassiveacidland asked:

Would you say the iPad or the Samsung is better as a drawing tablet? (on the go at least, my job requires I travel everywhere and lugging a laptop takes a toll on my back.)

I’ve only ever used an iPad so I can’t make an informed comparison. The Samsung does look like it would make a nice coaster though.

I have just started using the Procreate app and I find it MUCH easier than the Sketchbook pro app.

snowyghostbat asked:

So YOU are the one who did the art for my amazing Darkwing Duck comic book? That's one of my favorite comic books, and I'll admit that I own quite a few. I mostly use it to help me draw Darkwing. It really has helped me a lot, so thanks so much for doing such an awesome job on that comic! Would you mind checking out my Darkwing Duck sketches on my Tumblr page? It would be so cool if I could get your opinion on how I did.

Sorry, I got your other note as well. My inbox is getting away from me. Thank you for the nice words and for picking up the books.

You’re off to a great start with the DW art. I get a lot of requests to look at peoples art but what sets your apart is that you are not copying or tracing existing art. It’s flattering when folks copy my stuff but it makes it very hard to critique. You are definitely on the right track by creating completely original art. There are some structural issues which will only improve with practice so definitely keep up the good work. If I had a suggestion I would say break the character down to it’s simplest shapes- circles and lines. The DW model sheets from the original shows are all over the internet. Find those and study how the original artists broke down the structure and put it in to motion. You’ll have my job in no time.


mamalaw1021 asked:

So I've had a mash up concept kicking around in my head for a while and it's gotten to the point that any time you or Amy post anything (because you're both who I think of for stuff like this), it almost always pops right back up to the forefront. Basically it's just a few EVE probes done in the style of the Powerpuff Girls. I can't say it'd be something that interested you, but if you needed an idea... :)

Thank you for the great idea, I appreciate it. Unfortunately I can’t take it. As with most other professionals as well as corporate entities, I cannot take unsolicited requests. I know you were offering it freely but if I do it and someone makes money off of it in anyway you could comeback and say “where’s my cut?”

All the sketch art I post on my site were either commissioned for or were for sale at a comic convention. 

coopergal24 asked:

Do you plan on doing anymore future comic illustrations, or more comic related art like Disney? Because I seriously think you're the best when it comes to Disney! If you did a fan comic based on the Kingdom Hearts franchise, I'd think that Launchpad, Bonkers, Max and Darkwing Duck would be the best allies for the KeyWeilder's team! (^^; Least in my head though, but I'd like them on my team!) Keep up the great work!

Thank you, I’m glad you like my comics. I honestly have not followed a lot of Kingdom Hearts but I get the general idea and characters. I am however excited about the ideas of interconnected worlds presented in Disney Infinity. I wouldn’t say no to drawing that comic.

zlobskiy asked:

Hello! I'm a huuuge fan of your art, especially your take on Darkwing Duck, so naturally I always try to get my hands on the comics! I'm wondering if there's any news on the remaining volumes being published by the LTB in Germany? Cheers!

Thank you, I’m so glad you like my stuff. DW is still my favorite thing to draw.

The Bolognia Children’s Book Fair is going on in Europe this week. Hopefully we’ll know soon what the sales have been and whether the new volumes are a-go.